Friday, February 1, 2008

Earn through Pay Per Click Programs

What is Pay Per Click Program?

1. The one of the genuine way to make money online through Internet is pay per click programs.
2. First you should know about what is pay per click programs.
3. Now a days Pay per click program (PPC) is one of highest money making program online with less effort.
4. Its also known as PPC program.
Where is it use?
1. The Pay per click programs are used to advertising on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), advertising network and in any content websites or blogs.

2. Advertisers pay only when user clicks the advertisement on the search engine or content website.
3. The specific advertisers bid on the specific keyword what they think about their target market and target audiences.
What are the procedures?
1. Many advertisers will sell any products or they offer some paid or subscribed services to their targeted audiences.
2. When user search using some defined keywords which described earlier by advertiser with targeted keywords in search engines or content websites (Targeted content keywords) the relevant advertiser’s advertisements will display in search engines and content network websites.

3. The related advertisements which displayed in search engines and content network will attract the visitors and they may interested to know about the advertising tasks.
4. If user may click the advertisers advertisements.
5. For every click advertisers will pay to search engines and content network websites.
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6. Advertisers will pay for Advertising networks, search engines and webmasters (Content websites) depends on how much click through traffic they offered for the advertisers website.
How to Start it?
1. To start earning through pay per click programs you no need the search for advertisers.

2. While many Search engines and advertising network operators like Google AdSense, Yahoo! Overture, Kontera, Adbrite, Miva, Clicksor and many of the adverting networks will make this pay per click programs much easier than ever.
3. Depends on the keywords and competition the advertisers will pay from $0.01US.
4. Very popular and highly competitive keywords will cost more.This prices are known as CPC (Cost per Click).

Earn From Home Online

How to Earn Online Money?

1. First You Should Know about Online Money Making Opportunities.
2. Then you should know about the basics about online money making and what are the possible opportunities to earn money online even from home.
3. Today an affiliate programs is the best way to make money online.
4. Affiliate marketing using one site to drive traffic to another website is a form of online marketing.

What is Affiliate Program?

1. Affiliate programs and affiliate marketing is nothing but, buy-sell others products and specified tasks through your website.
2. Now a days the affiliate programs is creating revolution in the Internet market and generates huge income for buyer-sellers.
3. Many webmasters are earning huge income through their website using affiliate programs.

Which are Genuine Affiliate Programs?
1. CJ,
2. eBay and
3. Amazon are the genuine affiliate program marketing network companies available in online.

How to Join an Affiliate Program?

1. To join as affiliate and starting to make money online is very quick and easy.
2. All you have to do is creating a website then sign up as affiliate member with affiliate network companies.
3. Every affiliate network companies is promoting lot of products under their belt.
4. Join as affiliate member is absolutely free of cost.
5. When you sign up with an affiliate marketing company they offers you a simple form to fill the personal details about you and your website address.
6. Once you offer the details to them,
7. Then they will verify your details and your website, weather the website is qualified for to promote their products or not.
8. Once they approve your website and account they will mail you in couple of days.
9. After receiving confirmation mail from them, Sign in with your affiliate account using your user id and password which offered by them or enter your own unique id and password as you offered in the form earlier while you apply for affiliate program.

How to Choose Products?

1. Choose your product from their list and,
2. Copy and Paste the HTML code in your website in appropriate place and
3. Start promoting through your website.
4. If you have a website related to music, pick music related affiliate products to promote through your website.
5. The desired product seller had already defined the task of the product how they will pay for affiliates.
6. Most of the affiliates will offer the payments against sale only.
7. Some times its against pay per lead or pay per click (Mostly its against pay per sale only) too.
8. All the affiliate program companies will offer you the tools and assistance to promote your desired product online.

Earn through Commission Juction

Are you beginner to earn money through Internet?
Really looking for genuine money making opportunity?
Worrying about will they pay for you promptly?
Then you simply prefer CJ (Commission Junction).
CJ is one of the Program :-
(i) Biggest network and
(ii) Genuine affiliate program.
(iii) Founded in 1998,
(iv) CJ, a ValueClick company,
(v) Is based in Santa Barbara, California and
(vi) Has offices around the world.
(vii) Still CJ move ahead by offering great support and services for both publishers and advertisers.
Also they offer dedicated support for great performing publishers.
(i) CJ network have variety of products and services who promoting through their affiliate network.
(ii) Any kind of webmasters or websites related products available in CJ due to huge variety of advertisers in commission junction.
How to Start :-
1. All just you need to make money online through affiliate programs via CJ is just needs a website.
2. Apply for CJ,
3. After getting approval from them login your CJ account using the mail id which offered while apply to cj and password which offered by them.
4. Choose your suitable product related to your website copy the HTML code of the specific product and paste in your web page in appropriate area where your advertisements want to display.
5. When a customer or visitor of your website clicks on the publisher’s link, a cookie is set on the visitor’s computer that remembers and identifies that specific advertiser’s link.
6. Whenever the visitor of your website makes actual purchase or defined task by the advertiser, that transaction is tracked and recorded by commission junction’s unique technology.
7. Upon recording the transaction CJ handles all of the collection and processing required to ensure fair and timely commission payment for the publisher.
8. This action ensures quality sales and leads for the advertiser.

Earn through Google Adsense

Question : What is Google Adsense Program?
Answer : Google AdSense is a pay per click program
Everyone knows about Google as search engine, But they offer great opportunity to make money online without any investment even work as part time from home.
If you have a website or blogger you are ready to make money through online.
Google AdSense is a pay per click program that offers you advertising income from each and every page from your website and with no other requirements.
1. Google AdSense delivers you related
(i) Text, image,
(ii) Video advertisements exactly targeted to your website-blog content.
(iii) If you place Google AdSense search box in your website, Google AdSense offers exactly targeted advertisers advertisements will display in your website.
(iv) Google AdSense pays you when people click on the ads.
(a) It’s free, and
(b) Does not take long to set up.
2. To display Google AdSense advertisements in your website or blogger you must join as Google AdSense publisher.
3. Join as Google AdSense is absolutely free of cost.
4. But all sites are not eligible like Cracks, Hacks, Warez, Pornography related sites strictly restricted from Google AdSense.
5. Once you are accepted as Google AdSense publisher its very easy to place advertisements on your website or blogger to start making money online from home.
6. Google AdSense will deliver the targeted advertisements to your website.
7. For example you have website related to home loans and personal loans you are getting targeted ads related to home loans and personal loans.

Earn through Miva DC

Question : What is Miva DC?
Answer : Miva is the another Pay per Click Program like Google AdSense.
Like Google AdSense, Miva DC is the great alternative pay per click program to monetise your website or blogger and great way to make money online. Similar to Google AdSense you can display content targeted advertisements.
Attractive Features :-
1. Miva MC is the first product that also lets you include In line Pay Per Click Ads Within your Content.
2. Also Maximize your site’s revenue potential with contextually and search targeted Pay-Per-Click Ads With Miva.
3. Only MIVA DC allows you include in-line advertisements and pay per click advertisements both together within your content.
4. Also you can choose any combination of content advertisements, In-line advertisements or search advertisements to your website or blogger.
5. Even if you are affiliated with any other pay per click program earlier, You can choose the suitable ad formats which one is suitable to your website or blogger and make more money online.
You can get started in minutes.
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Start Making Extra Earning Online

Earn Through Bidvertiser

Question : What is Bidvertiser?
Answer : Bidvertiser is a successful (Bid per click) pay per click programs.

Reasons of Rising :-

1. Due to rise of advertising industry and requirement of website owners to sell their ad space directly to advertisers also avoid disadvantages of automated systems like Google AdSense and yahoo! overture content match.
2. Bpath the founder who started Site targeted market place named Bidvertiser on 2003.
3. In earlier days there is any control of ads quality, Pricing and timing by both publisher and advertisers.

How Overcome the issues :-

1. To overcome these issues bidvertiser have unique technology to control advertisements by both publishers and advertisers. Bidvertiser is another successful (Bid per click) pay per click programs.
2. Also advertisers can place ads directly to the publishers website by their choice and pay only when the visitor click their advertisements.

Attractive Features :-

1. Bidvertiser offers you all type of Ads
(i) Standard ad units,
(ii) Banners,
(iii) Button ads,
(iv) Skyscrapers and
(v) In-line ads too.
2. Bidvertiser pay
(i) Through paypal too to their publishers
(ii) The minimum payout of $10USD.
(iii) The receiving payment from bidvertiser is very fast.
(iv) Also Bidvertiser promises to display the highest paying bidders advertisements on the publishers website.
(v) Publishers getting more revenue than other pay per click programs.
3. In Bidvertiser you can easily customize your advertisements to balance with layout of the website.
4. This ensures you to getting more clicks and more revenue.
5. Also you can filter unwanted ads to be displayed in your website.
6. It gives you a peace of mind with regards to the ads displayed on your website.
7. Detailed Reorts :-

Also Bidvertiser publisher center having option to generate detailed report to monitor you

(i) Ads performance including number of page impressions,
(ii) Clicks,
(iii) Click through rate (CTR) and
(iv) Total amount what you have earned through your website.
8. Referring :-
Bidvertiser offers you earn money by referring
(i) New publishers and
(ii) Advertisers through bidvertiser referral button or link.
(iii) If someone sign in as advertisers through your referral link, when the advertisers spends first $10USD the referred publisher get $5USD in their account.
(iv) When the same advertisers spends First $50USD the referred publisher get credit of additional $20USD.
(v) If any publisher sign up through your link if they earn first $10USD, the referred Publisher get credit of $10USD in their publisher account. When the same publisher earns $50USD the referred publisher get credited additional $40USD. Sign up Now As Bidvertiser publisher and Start maki

Earn Through Oxado PPC Program

Question : What is Oxado?
Answer : Oxado is the Pay per click program

Oxado is the another PPC (Pay per click program) in the industry which offers animated advertisements and Guaranteed high CTR compared with other pay per click program and also a better alternative for Google AdSense too.
Oxado launched year : 2005
Owned and Managed by : Jacques Caron and Laurent Poupet.
Publisher Network : More than 19000 Publishers
Payment Option : Through Cheque, Paypal and Moneybookers.

Oxado having wide publisher network more than 19000 publishers under their belt. Oxado based on France and they offer payments in Euro.
1. Oxado had good potential of advertisers and publishers and more than 5 million impressions through 19000 publishers websites throughout USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, Brazil and Australia.
2. Oxado sent payment to their publishers every month whenever publishers reaches 100 Euros.
3. Oxado accepts publishers and traffic from India too.
4. Another great future from Oxado is they shows the relevant keyword along with ads shown in the publisher websites. Its very useful to every publishers to know which keyword used to display the ads and find the targeted advertisers keyword.
5. Also different sizes and variety of ad formats available for Oxado publishers.
6. This future will differentiate Oxado from other PPC programs and drastically improves high CTR and there is a great chance to make more money for every web publishers.
Oxado ad formats :-
468 x 60, 234 x 60, 728 x 90,
728 x 100, 125 x 125, 468 x 140,
180 x 150, 120 x 240, 300 x 250,
250 x 250, 336 x 280, 180 x 300,
468 x 350, 728 x 500, 180 x 600,
160 x600, 120 x 600, 468 x 700,
180 x 1200, 160 x 1200, 180 x 1800,
160 x 1800, 180 x 2400, 160 x 2400
No one offers variety of advertisements like oxado. And easily customizable.
Other Attractive Features :-
1. They have animated advertisements too.
2. Sure this will attract visitors and make them click.
3. And Oxado accepts adults websites too.
4. There is no restrictions for publishers an add different ad units as they wish.
5. It is better to use larger banner formats rather than a lot of small banners.
6. Get good CTR and to maintain high quality, use less ad units to ensure clutter free surfing experience for each visitors and make them revisit your website again.
7. Oxado offers referral program to all publishers to invite new publishers to join as oxado publisher.
If Any person who is clicking on any Oxado publishers referral link and to register as Oxado publisher is counted as being referred by them and the referrer will get 10% of his referred publisher incomes as long as referred publisher get revenue from Oxado.